Acoustic Or Electric: Which Is Better For Beginners?


When you want to start your journey towards music, you need to learn to play a musical instrument, and most people choose a guitar as it can be the easiest to learn and the cheapest to buy. However, it is quite challenging to find quality especially when you do not know what to look for in a guitar.

There are two types of guitar which are acoustic and electric. It can be tricky when it comes to choosing because each one has its advantages and disadvantages. You cannot just pick one because you feel like it. Music is about what makes you happy.

You have to know which type of guitar you prefer: acoustic or electric. These two are entirely different, so it is essential that you know each one’s unique characteristics before you decide on getting one. Read further and learn the difference between the two as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing Between Acoustic And Electric Guitar

What Is An Acoustic Guitar?

Acoustic means to use the vibration of the strings to create a sound. The sound passes through the body of the guitar which goes out through the sound hole.

Acoustic Guitars Can Be Of Two Types:

  • Nylon-stringed guitar
  • Steel-stringed guitar

Advantages Of An Acoustic Guitar:

  • The sound of an acoustic guitar is gentle and soothing unlike that of an electric guitar which is noisy.
  • There is no other requirement such as cables or amplifiers to use an acoustic guitar.

Disadvantages Of An Acoustic Guitar:

  • For beginners, practicing can be challenging since playing the strings could be painful on the fingers.
  • Strings are harder than in an electric guitar.
  • The fretboard is wider which is not pleasing especially for beginners.
  • Acoustic guitars can be more brittle than electric guitars.

What Is An Electric Guitar?


Electric guitars use a transducer which we refer to as a pickup to catch the vibrations. These are then converted into an electrical signal and using an amplifier; the vibrations are then amplified to create musical sounds through a speaker.

Advantages Of An Electric Guitar:

  • It is more comfortable to hold an electric guitar because the width of the neck is typically narrow.
  • The strings are softer than that of the acoustic guitars.
  • It is easier to learn barre chords because the strings are light.
  • You can use headphones into the amplifier to keep the noise to yourself.

Disadvantages Of An Electric Guitar:

  • An electric guitar is more expensive than an acoustic guitar plus you still need to buy cables and an amplifier.
  • It is much more challenging to learn because you still need to find the right tone using the electric guitar and the amplifier.

Which Is Better For Beginners: Acoustic Or Electric?

It would be much easier to learn the electric guitar because the strings are lighter and softer compared to the acoustic guitar. However, when you start on the acoustic, it will be easier for you to learn the electric guitar. In the end, it will be all up to you. It is your preference in music that matters.


You can choose from either an acoustic or electric. What’s essential is you strum from the heart, and you feel the music that you produce. Once you love what you create, the people around you will hear the good music. A simple song with a few chords can be more pleasing to the ears than the exquisite display of strumming skills. As a beginner, a person must realize that music is all about emotions. It is not about which is easy to learn and which is not. It is about what makes you feel it and what touches your soul.



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