2016 Seattle Acoustic Festival: Tips For Planning An Outdoor Acoustic Festival

Source: commons.wikimedia.org


Listening to acoustic music is one of the most fabulous treats we can give ourselves when looking for fun and relaxation. If you are a musician and planning to organize an acoustic festival, there are three simple tips you should follow as per The 2016 Seattle Acoustic Festival.

Three Tips For A Successful Acoustic Festival:


Choose The Perfect Venue And Plan The Space Well

The venue of a music festival is crucial. It must be accessible to people, and you must communicate with the local authority if noise or loud music is allowed. If so, until what time you can continue the festival. There should also be spaces for portable bathrooms, catering vans, and campgrounds.


Organize The Entrance Of Your Event

Make sure that the entrance of your event is organized and with enough number of people to accommodate the crowd to avoid long lines. Plan a method by which you would be able to identify the people who are allowed inside such as tickets or wristbands, and as much as you want to let all people in, set a limit of the number of people you are going to accommodate.


Be Ready For The Essentials

The primary reason is the acoustic performances. However, it is unwise to not pay attention to other small but essential details such as the food and drink, bathrooms, litter bins, and first aid kits for emergencies. Make sure that you have people to tidy up the place after the event. That way, you could say the festival was indeed a success.


Source: commons.wikimedia.org


Planning an acoustic festival is exciting. You are giving people a unique experience to enjoy and relax. Organizers should know that even the small details such as the three mentioned above are essential to the success of any musical event such as The 2016 Seattle Acoustic Festival.

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