Why I Almost Stopped Learning How To Play The Guitar

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Playing the guitar is one of the hobbies that I have picked up during a summer break in high school. None of my relatives or friends are musically inclined, so I have not been influenced by anyone. However, I love listening to guitar solos more than anything, so I have made time for it.

The thing is, there were many times when I thought of giving up my dream to play the guitar properly. It was like my motivation faded. Shahram Heshmat PhD, wrote, “Motivation is generally described as the force that drives us to pursue a goal (the desired outcome). Motivation is a starting point for all choices (e.g., careers, spouses, hobbies).” And I almost lost that. Here are a few reasons that you may be able to relate to.

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My Fingers Hurt At First

Most players deal with hurting fingers when they learn how to play the guitar for the first time. It is supposed to be one of the sacrifices that you need to make if you love the instrument. You can feel it from day 1 when you press the strings on one end and strum on the other end.

The tips of your fingers sting when you are not learning; they hurt some more when you press the strings again. It is as if you are trying to open a wound in the same areas. No matter how normal it may be, hurting fingers can genuinely make you think twice about playing the guitar.

Source: ledgernote.com

I Did Not Like My Callouses

Callouses come after all the pain that you go through for the first time. The raw skin hardens over time, building something like intangible protection for the soft skin. Thus, even if you play the guitar for hours every day, you may not ever need to worry about your fingers hurting again.

Although that should be a positive effect of having callouses, let’s not forget that I have a professional career, too. Playing guitar is a hobby – I don’t make money out of it. I work in the guest relations biz, which entails that e, I get too self-conscious and don’t want to extend my hand sometimes.

Learning Some Songs With Complicated Guitar Arrangements Got The Better Of Me

When I was learning how to play the guitar, I thought it was one of my hidden talents. I watched tutorials for songs that only had three or four chords and a little strumming. It made me feel like I could play anything after that.

Well, the complicatedness of some songs brought me back to reality hard. One day, I was an acoustic star. The next day, I was a guitarist-wannabe who could not even get through the first verse of a song without messing up. I knew that it was 100% my fault for skipping steps, but it made me want to stop playing altogether.

Susan Biali Haas, MD, advised, “The next time you feel unmotivated to do something that you know you are called to do, push past the lack of inspiration and just go do it. Notice what happens.”

Final Thoughts

Did I end up avoiding guitars?

Nope. I continued learning how to play the guitar once I got over the issues mentioned above. I went back to square one, studied all the basic chords, and practiced songs gradually. As for the callouses, I stopped worrying about them after a while. It even came to my advantage at times, considering it turned out to be an excellent conversation starter.

As for you, continue to encourage yourself that you can do it. Beverly Engel, LMFT, wrote, “Self-encouragement is believing in yourself and in your ability to overcome your limitations and handicaps. Self-encouragement is focusing on your strengths, positive attributes and skills instead of your weaknesses and limitations.”

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