Why Even Non-Musical Folks Love Jamming Sessions

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Every month, my friends and I look for bars and restaurants where acoustic singers play. They do not have to popular. In truth, they can even cover other people’s songs, and we feel happy about it. When they have an open, we volunteer to sing while accompanied by the guitar as well. It is like an unspoken tradition that we all follow.

In such establishments, though, musically inclined folks are not the only ones you will find. Some people bob their heads to the music; others can merely clap or sway their bodies when the music plays. “Music listening is one of the most enigmatic of human behaviors,” wrote Thomas Schäfer, PhD, and co-authors in a study. “The enthusiasm for music is not a recent development. Recognizably musical activities appear to have been present in every known culture on earth, with ancient roots extending back 250,000 years or more.”

If these non-musical folks get invited to sing on the stage, though, they refuse profusely. And I have always wondered about that, you know? “If you love jamming sessions so much, why don’t you want to join in the fun and let people hear you sing?”

Upon talking to one of those non-musical folks, I have understood a few things.

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Acoustic Songs Soothe The Soul

Sharam Heshmat, PhD, wrote, “Music has the ability to evoke powerful emotional responses — both chills and thrills — in listeners. And this capacity is universal.”

Acoustics refers to songs that are played using a guitar, box, or drums. The sounds cannot fill an entire room like a piano; you may even need to plug it to an amplifier. Instead of a melody, you will typically hear beats.

While some people may not find that entertaining, a lot more individuals think that acoustic songs soothe their souls. One of the possible reasons is that the steady beats may align with your heartbeat, and it can make you feel good.

People Want To Understand The Song Lyrics

As mentioned above, acoustic singers in bars and restaurants tend to cover the songs that others have released. The genre can be anything, from ballad to rock to pop and everything in between. You may never hear about covers topping the Billboard charts or becoming more famous than the original. However, people still go there instead of buying albums at the stores. Why?

Well, most songs these days are layered with technology at some level. Sometimes, the producers add instruments; other times, they auto-tune to “fix” the singer’s voice. Although that is good for the market, the lyrics are not always audible. Thus, music lovers feel the need to listen to the acoustic versions of the songs, regardless of the original singers sing it or not.

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Everyone Wishes To Have Fun Without Getting Whacky

Wanting to have fun is a normal part of life. That is especially true if you have had a long week, but club hopping is not your cup of tea anymore. You want to go to a mellow place where you can drink, eat, and listen to good music without getting crazy.

Most of the time, people can find that mix in restaurants with acoustic players only. Rather than getting drunk on alcohol, after all, they can get lost in the songs. They can also meet like-minded people and perhaps become best friends.

Final Thoughts

Music is one of the many things that folks from different walks of life enjoy together. Sometimes it even moves us to tears. R. Douglas Fields, PhD, wrote, “Many types of music can move people to tears; blubbering in the balcony is iconic in opera. The phenomenon of crying sparked by music is an interesting, but little-studied behavior.”

No matter what your reason is for going to the acoustic bars or restaurants, you should continue doing it, especially if it makes you happy. 


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