Taking Care Of Your Guitar

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When I was a teenager, I could not be found without my guitar. It was always next to me, strapped on my back, or sitting on my lap. Sometimes, I would even make room for it on my bed at night, especially every time I would feel lonely.

During that period, I could not think of a better best friend than my guitar. I was allowed to take it anywhere. Every time I would play it, a crowd would gather around and listen to me. It prevented me from befriending ill-meaning folks as well, which made my parents support my hobby.

If I can be honest about that time now, though, there is one thing that I didn’t – and still doesn’t – like about owning a guitar. It was the fact that I had to take care of it more than a pianist would ever need to do with their piano. Still, I had no choice but to do it because buying a new guitar was nowhere near my to-do list, and it honestly felt good to see its case shining.

If you have recently acquired a guitar and are yet to familiarize yourself with it, here are a few tips to take care of your guitar.

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Wipe The Body

The first thing that you need to do is get a microfiber towel to clean the body of the guitar. The reason is that your hand produces oil all the time to keep it from being as rough as sandpaper. If you rest it on your guitar, though, you can undoubtedly see fingerprints on the case once you lift your fingers off. Without sounding like a total germophobe, there is no way to guarantee that bacteria will not spread through those fingerprints, even if they are yours. If you do not also want to entertain that possibility, you should start cleaning your guitar now.

Check The Strings

It is typical for the strings to snap on a guitar, no matter how expensive they may be. The constant strumming and tuning can wear down the line and cause it to break, after all. However, the snapping string can be a health hazard, especially if it happens when the guitar is so close to your face, and the broken line can practically hit your eyeball. To avoid that, you should examine every string regularly and replace the old ones before they snap.

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Make Sure To Fine-Tune The Guitar

Another part of taking care of your guitar is fine-tuning it. The instrument is quite sensitive, in the sense that moving it around can nudge the knobs on one end and make it sound like a tin can once you start playing.

I know that this task is challenging for new guitar players, but you can find tutorials that will teach you how to tune your guitar. Some apps can guide you, as well.

Final Thoughts

It is not crazy to want to look after an instrument that you may have relied on more than anyone for a long time. So your guitar has sentimental value, and you cannot let go of it – that’s not shocking at all. If anything, it feels good to know that you care enough about your guitar to read this blog.


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