Changing Guitar Strings


People usually go through a phase in life in which they do not want to ask for help from anybody. Most of the time, it takes place during the teenage years. That’s when we think that we know things as much as the adults do and go about our days believing that until an awful situation brings us back to reality.

In my case, I settled back to reality as a teenager while I was working on my guitar. My parents bought a brand-new one for me when I turned 16 years old because I said that I wanted to be a rock star. I would get lessons every week, and I was genuinely getting good at changing the chords and playing some songs. However, a string snapped one day. 


My dad offered to drive me to the nearest guitar store, where an expert could replace it for me. Too stubborn for my good, though, I insisted on buying the string only and doing the replacement by myself. In my mind, I already watched a lot of people do it online, and it seemed pretty easy, so there was no way for me to mess it up.

Well, the thing is, I did mess up from the moment that I took the wrong string. I did not want to tell my parents about it because I wanted to seem perfect in their eyes. However, I blanked out after a whole of trying to put one string in a guitar, so I ended up bringing my guitar to the store eventually.

To help you avoid making the same mistakes that I did, here are a few tips when changing your guitar strings.

Pick The Right Thickness

The guitar strings come in different thicknesses – that’s how you get various pitches when you are playing. The thinner it is, the higher the sound it makes. If you replace that with the thickest string, the sounds that they are supposed to produce may be different.


Get The Right Tools

When your goal is to replace your old strings, you will need a pair of scissors, the strings, and the string winder. You cannot attach the new string on the guitar with your bare hands because metallic strings are difficult to work with at times. That is especially true if you are trying to make them taut.

Ask For Help If You Need To

My final advice is for you to get an expert to change the strings if you feel lost while doing it. I know how protective you may be of your instrument. You probably even get angry when a relative tries to touch the case of the guitar. However, instead of making yourself loopy because of those strings, you better hire a professional to get the job done for you.

Final Thoughts

Do you love playing guitar more than doing any other activity in the world? That’s cool – we are on the same boat. The secret to being able to make beautiful music with this instrument, though, is ensuring that the strings are always in perfect shape. Not only will you be able to prevent any snapping when you do that, but you may also avoid having the string snap near your face.

Good luck!


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