Learn Guitar Online And More While You’re Stuck At Home


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Bored and frustrated during this COVID-19  lockdown, or are you finding ways to forget about the pandemic? Then perhaps it’s time to learn something new. There’s a range of online classes on the web to load up on some fresh ideas and insights about anything and everything. Reach out to your inner soul and allow your brain to exercise its cells. Some classes are free, and some may be more costly than the others, but it depends on your budget and your commitment.

Dance. Test your flexibility and your moves by taking online dance classes. Maybe you can open YouTube and check out the types of dances available there, and then when you enroll online, you are now sure of what you want to learn. If you’re going to enhance your party moves, then take hip-hop classes. If you prefer relaxation and stretches, ballet would be perfect. James Whiteside, Isabella Boylston, and Misty Copeland are famous ballet dancers who have opened an online class for those who love to start learning ballet or those who want to polish on their turns and tiptoes.

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And who knows? There might be a classy 50 something beautiful woman who’s willing to teach online aerobics class!

Foreign Language. Spanish, Mandarin, French – choose your wild. Practically almost every language in the world is available for learning online. The lockdown is the most suitable time to enroll. These will keep our chaotic and frustrated minds get interested in something that will perhaps benefit us in the future. Who doesn’t get the chance to speak with a Chinese business person at some point in or lives? Business English courses are also available.

Guitar. Strumming the guitar would be nice if you can get them to sound romantic or simply in sync. Guitar lessons online are varied. There’s classical, modern, and instrumental. There are also songs sung by celebrities that you can learn to tweak through your guitar, particularly those from Christina Aguilera, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, and Tom Morello. Other instruments you can learn through the web while you’re quarantined are the piano and violin.

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Cooking. I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with the Food Channel. From ordinary pancakes and French toast to the restaurant-worthy cuisine, you have several options to choose from. Even Chef Gordon Ramsay teaches an online cooking class, including the basics like using the knife and other kitchen tools that we thought we knew how to use. Wolfgang Puck, Dominique Ansel, and Gabriela Camara are also teaching their cooking style online.

Writing. Writing poetry is one of the most popular online classes that are offered throughout the year. But if you’re not into poetry but just want to write life or fiction stories, there’s also something for you. Search the web and choose from the various forms of writing – scriptwriting, modern and classic poetry, and creative writing are taught by certified teachers and professors who are willing to share their expertise in this area. If you’ve always dreamed of learning from the best writers like Shonda Rhimes and Dan Brown, then you’re willing to pay a little later.

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Photography. There has to be a camera lying around in your home, one that you can put to use if you decide to enroll in an online photography class. If you don’t have one, however, you can start the course using your smartphone. You’ll just need to learn the basics of photography, when to capture the big moments, and how to focus on something magnificent. You won’t have a hard time learning it, especially if you’re already skilled at editing your phone pictures. You might even take photos of the calm and peace in the outside world.



Five Common Mistakes Guitar Beginners Make

The 2017 Guitar Artists Convention once again unifies music lovers out there with guitar displays and fantastic performances from talented artists. Music truly is a universal language everyone understands. With this, people who love music would often attempt to learn to play instruments and live their passion. However, for beginners, they can develop bad habits that impede their progress. That’s why learning early on the common mistakes they make is beneficial for their holistic musical education.

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For people who are starting to play the guitar, there are many harmful habits beginners can develop. Here are some of the common mistakes they often make:

  • Incorrectly Handling The Guitar

Certain features of the guitar can help your body to fit in the guitar’s shape and avoid it slipping away while you’re playing. When you’re placing the guitar on your lap, use the curve of the guitar to fit comfortably in your thighs and the other barely cupping your ribcage. Your elbow must link with the top corner of the guitar distant away from the neck so it will not slip away from your body. Also, avoid tilting your guitar towards you so you can see the finger placement when you’re playing, it can form a lasting habit.

  • Using Too Much Pressure

Using too much force in playing can only lead you to feel tired quickly. Your wrist and your thumb can get hurt as well. Injuries can happen if you’re playing in the wrong position. Instead of using too much force, adjust and position your fingers while keeping a light touch. In this way, you will produce a more beautiful and cleaner note.

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  • Attempting To Learn Songs Quickly

Beginners would often get too excited and play songs quickly. This habit can lead to bad techniques that can be hard to break for a long time. Play at a slower speed first so you can focus on the right finger placement and doing correct techniques. Practice creates permanency. Practice slowly so that your technique will be flawless and accurate.

  • Practicing Inconsistently

In playing instruments, muscle memory plays a huge part in honing techniques because playing guitar is a motor skill. Consistent repetitions will help familiarize chord placements and make your actions feel smooth and automatic.

  • Ignoring Music Theory

Understanding music theory is hard, and you will need patience for it. But it can lead you to a deeper and broader understanding of music.