Santa Barbara Guitar Bar

guitars line the wall behind the stage

Products we believe in.

We offer world-class guitars and accessories that we believe in—we don't carry guitars just to make a sale.

Taylor. Paul Reed Smith. These are boutique manufacturers that have gone mainstream. Echo Park Guitars. Teye. Amplifiers from Dr. Z, 3 Monkeys, and 65amps. Cole Clark is a small Aussie company focusing on ecologically-minded guitars. Tom Anderson. Suhr Guitars. Small companies like these are hand-crafting high-quality instruments, and doing incredible things.

Many of these lines have never been available in Santa Barbara before, so we're very excited to bring these products to the music community here.

About Us

Jamie Faletti has 25 years of experience selling guitars in Santa Barbara and a lifelong love of playing. Jamie has helped design custom guitars, and has sold some of the finest guitars in the world. He has brought knowledgable, factory-trained individuals onto his team, and worked hard to create a culture at The Guitar Bar to best serve the needs of beginner and expert musicians alike.


Jamie Faletti, in store.

"I want to have an approachable luxury boutique vibe for everybody. Regardless of who you are and what kind of guitar is in your price range. Whether you’re a musician or a novice, we want to make sure we're offering the kind of experience customers might have when buying a nice watch."

"When you come into the store for the first time, we’re not trying to make a sale. We’re trying to make a relationship. I want team service, so I employ a staff that doesn't need to jockey for commission. They'll find the team member who's most knowledgeable, not fight for a customer."

Jamie Faletti, Santa Barbara Guitar Bar