50 Christmas Songs That Sound Impeccable With An Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic songs are one of the sweetest things we could hear, and when it comes to Christmas songs, there is no nothing purer than the sound of the guitar with it. It is perfect for the simple gathering of the family on Christmas Eve where all the family members gather around to celebrate and commemorate the birth of Jesus by singing Christmas songs. We have heard several versions with the grandeur of a piano and the full orchestra, but nothing beats the simplicity of these songs sung with a humble acoustic guitar.

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Love And Hate Relationship With Taylor Swift


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Fame is a tricky thing. Back in the day, the people in the music industry have nothing but love from the audience, and for some reason, they don’t need such things as publicity. You know what they say about it: “good publicity or bad publicity is still publicity.” Nowadays, it seems having good music isn’t enough to stay in the limelight, and there is one present-day artist who is having her fair share of what it is like to have a love-hate relationship with people from all over the planet, and it is none other than the lovely Taylor Swift.

On December 13, 1989, the destined to be a superstar was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. Taylor Swift grew up at their Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing. She started learning to play the guitar and write her songs when she was 12. Her grandmother who was an opera singer influenced her love for music.

In 2012, Forbes Magazine hailed her as the highest paid celebrity below the age of 30, and she is a Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter. Her hits include “Love Story,” “You Belong with Me,” “Back to December,” “Shake it Off,” “Look What You Made Me Do,” “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Bad Blood,” and “Blank Space.”

Why Do People Love Taylor Swift?

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50 Timeless Acoustic Songs

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Indeed, music can immortalize words, emotions, and feelings, and when it comes to touching songs that give goosebumps to us every time, there is no other way to play it other than with the calm and romantic strum of the guitar. Acoustic songs are sung to confess love, celebrate life, reminisce, and tell a story. It is most common in country music. Read More

Why Musicians Suffer Depression

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Musicians are more likely to experience depression than most people. Susan Biali Haas, MD, shares that “creatives are at higher risk for mental illness (I can vouch for that personally) and according to Andreasen it at least partially stems from “a problem with filtering or gating the many stimuli that flow into the brain.” For this reason some writers, myself included, organize their lives in order to be isolated from human contact for long blocks of time.”

We have even heard about famous people who took their lives because they suffered this mental health condition. It may be hard to believe because some of these people were successful in their craft, and whatever happened to “let the music heal your soul?” We may never know and understand their reason, but we can still make a difference in the lives of those who are continuing to create great music. First, let us identify the possible causes of depression. They can be either physical or psychological. Read More